Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm unfortuately a very bad sockapaloooza pal. I am so late sending my socks out,and I feel really bad. My poor pal has been waiting so long for her socks, but I did finally finish them and they will be going out first thing in the morning.

Part of the reason they took so long is that I could not decide on which pattern to use. I must have started at least four different pairs of socks and I decided that I didn't like any of them. I finally settled on the Broadripple socks from Knitty. I used Cascade Fixation in Color 9518. When I saw it at my LYS I knew it would be perfect. I just hope my sock pal likes them.

Here they are...
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And here are the socks that I got...
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Aren't they beautiful? I just love green. I'm actually on the hugest green kick right now, so I think it's so great that she sent me green socks. They fit perfectly and are so comfy. And guess what, my sock pal is from the same part of Michigan as where I was born. What a funny coincedence. Thank you sock pal I love my socks!!!