Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Finally Have the Internet Again!!!!

Well we finally got all moved and I finally have the Internet again. It has been sooo long since we've had it at the house. I bet my parents are happy that I won't be hanging around their house trying to sponge off theirs.
The move was up here was pretty dramatic. We had problems with the truck and were stranded for a bit. It was like the hottest day ever especially for mid March and it took incredibly long to haul all of our stuff up our insanely steep driveway. But we are done now with the hard stuff and really only have the decorating to do. My "Knitting Nook" is still in boxes which makes me a little bummed but I should be able to get it all unpacked on my next day off.
Our new house rocks though and that really makes everything worth it.
And since everything is up and running I should be able to update my little blog more often. :-)